Indonesian Best Sunrise

Posted by anharul ulum

Indonesia is my country that famous with tourism place. A traveler exactly knows what indonesia has, such as beach and mountain, but the real traveler more recognize about spesial place given God. When a traveler talk about their experient when they visited indonesia, they will talk never ending. why i say so? Cause I have tourism place list that you have to visit when you come in my country, Indonesia.

Has many tourism place make indonesia become one of states cosidered paredise in our world by poeple with normal eye. :-). ok I give one place to make sure in this case.

Do you think there's editing touch?
you can answer with your heart if you believe with your heart, when you more believe tecnology you can check with your ability to find the truth. this is just proof for you to write "indonesia" in your
schedule traveling list.

Mountain, lake, beach and other place will you get. I will try to show the places which will make you feel in paredise n this earth with youe smile let explore indonesian tourism places in list below.
1.available soon
2.available soon
3. if you have question about indonesian tourism place, wroti in  coment coloum

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