how to access facebook, twitter, etc. on campus that has wifi blocked

Posted by anharul ulum

each college or university must have internet access area, but surely there are also web sites that have been blocked by the server, because they disrupt the lecture. one example like facebook, tiwtter, indoface, indotwitt, etc. on the internet free area is not accessible.

hahahaha,,,,,,,,,, for new students was an obstacle kanapa can not I access the site to access these sites. but still just do not have to confused and do not worry, because here you will know and can easily to access the sites that have blocked it.

first you download in the next you install on your PC, if it is installed, make sure the image appears locked "padlock lek not understand. " if you already have lankah next is open your browser. If your browser does not mean that a successful path, stay one more step that you drag crackernya on your browser page, tet tet tet completed. smoga bermanfattttt.

nb: if you asked for code to UltraSurf should comment on this blog page, because it does not always automatically be used, each different IP PC....

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