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A. Background
Conditions of Indonesia in recent years this very concern. So many problems that befall most of the people of Indonesia. Starting from the financial crisis, anjlognya the rupiah against the U.S. dollar, which led to the emergence of the economic crisis. Sectors of the economy which depends largely on imported raw materials into collapse. Termination of employment (FLE) was widespread. Neighboring countries, Malaysia and Thailand, also experienced the same, even occur earlier. But slowly they can handle it because politically stable country.

Unlike the case with Indonesia, the economic crisis followed by the internal political situation was volatile increasingly devastated people's lives. Too many government agendas, each of which requires to be resolved, but the ability of the government appears inadequate. As a result up to now the economic recovery never arrived which resulted in increasing people's purchasing power decline. Hurricane unremitting crisis is causing massive layoffs.

The difficulty the government of Indonesia in the face of this crisis a number of issues led to a lack of attention to the public. This crisis situation was reported to increase the number of poor people to reach 80 million people in Indonesia. The more the number of primary school age children who look good on the street or in a traditional market on school time, indicating that they do not attend school anymore. They were accepted as street singers, beggars and rough power in the market.
Apparently, with increasing prevalence of the number of beggars in Indonesia, making them not only take advantage of the market or places keramain just as land for a living. Even on campuses which function basically as a place demanding ilmupun now never deserted him. So also with what we can see at the Islamic University of Malang. Every day, we can see its presence along the entrance to campus.
There is one interesting thing from this phenomenon. Namely, if we want to watch, beggar turns out that "hung" at UIN Malang is the same person from day to day. Whether because of factors, making beggars feel welcome to make a living on our campus. My assumption, that is definitely related to the social response to their students. So, I chose this theme as a material observation.
B. Problem Formulation

To focus the issues on this observation we put some formulation of the problem is:
1. How does the social response to the beggar student UIN?
2. How does the existence of the campus to the earnings of beggars?
3. What is the impact of the spread of beggars in the campus environment on student personal and in terms of beauty?

C. Goal

The purpose of this observation, among others:
1. To identify how much the social responses of students towards beggars
2. To find out how much influence the presence of beggars campus to income
3. To find out more details more impact caused by the spread of beggars around the campus of the private as well as the beauty of the campus mahasisiwa
A. The definition of beauty
The beauty comes from beautiful word, means nice, lovely, pretty, beautiful, elegant and so forth. Things that mepunyai beautiful nature is having an art. Every human being has the tendency to present the beauty in life. It can be observed in our daily lives. Clothes that we found, interior and exterior of our homes, our workplaces, the cover of the scientific literature, as well as readings of pop, all kinds of magazines, colleges, places of worship, places of recreation, all arranged with beauty.
The beauty for man is something very important, which shows that humans had a feeling smooth, soft, and appreciate quality. There is beauty in the broad sense and there is also beauty in the narrow sense, there is also beauty in purely aesthetic sense, contemplation, ekstese, the aesthetic value of art and others. The beauty in the broad sense means goodness. Plato called it a wonderful temperament and beautiful law. While Aristotle define beauty as something that is also fun.
The definition of beauty in terms of pure aesthetic is an aesthetic experience of a person in relation to something that is absorbed. The sense of beauty in a limited sense, only objects that can be absorbed with the vision, namely the beauty of form and color. The beauty is considered as one kind of value, like moral values, values ​​education and so forth. The value contained in the sense of beauty called aesthetic value. The philosophers mendefinikan beauty as a unified formal relationship observation that induce pleasure.
B. The properties of beauty
To say something is beautiful or not, it will be disclosed berikiut properties beauty. On the basis of these properties, will also put forward some comments about the beauty.
1. beauty is truth
Truth means not artificial, real, real. Therefore, tiadk Monalisa painting beautiful because it is basically not true. Which is pretty or beautiful girl beautiful girl painting.
2. eternal beauty
Eternal meaning is never forgotten, never lost and shrinkage. For example: Iwan Fals music works up to now there are many who like to sing her song, beautiful karana. And according to Jons Keats states that something beautiful is eternal, whereas that is not eternal it is not beautiful.
3. The beauty that has appeal
The appeal means to attract the attention of others, fun and not mebosankan. For example. Desi Ratnasari please others karana he has a special attraction, so menuirut Jons Keats was in addition to the eternal beauty also has the attraction that is always increasing.
4. The beauty is universal
Universal means that they are not tied to individual tastes, time and place.
5. The beauty is natural
Naturally, that is, not excessive and not too less or by what it is. For example, the color photos printed aslnya more beautiful than the color, it is not beautiful because superfluous. The singer is screaming and prancing when bringing a song that exceeds reasonableness, it is not beautiful.
6. Beauty is pleasure
Enjoyment means pleasure which gives satisfaction. Watch a movie or revue unpleasant dikataka not beautiful. If the creator of a work of art to obtain pleasure or satisfaction when his work was beautiful to say. For example: Love on Campus Blue by Ashadi Siregar cause the author was satisfied that the beauty of his work.
7. beauty and habits
Habit means done repeatedly. That can not be normal because it is done repeatedly. What was unusual was not beautiful but because it is done over and over and over that it becomes normal and beautiful. For example: smoking, meroko was not bad, even destructive. However, as they often do so to be beautiful.
C. Man, the beauty and that encourage people to create beauty
Intellect and reason is human wealth that is not owned by another creature. Therefore, reason and the human mind has the will and desire. The will or desire in humans comes from the mind, while the will of the desire comes from instinct in animals.
In accordance with the nature of life and merohani menjasmani, then the human will or desire that too is so, the number of infinity. But when viewed from the goal, one thing is certain, namely to create a satisfying life pleasant heart.
Perception of beauty that comes from the mind and the mind it can be called a beauty in the strict sense, while the beauty that comes from encouragement lust is a false beauty.
D. The definition and nature of love
Expressions of love based on feelings that are supported by elements of intention, which can form the manners and consideration with the understanding that lead responsibility. Well summed up in your love and affection of compassion, mercy and devotion. Love that accompanied the responsibility of creating harmony, balance, and peace among fellow human beings, human beings with their environment and between man and God.
When formulated in a simple, love is a feeling, affection, tenderness, compassion and devotion expressed by responsible behavior. Responsibility means the result of good, positive, useful, mutually beneficial, creating harmony, balance and happiness.
In human life, love reveal themselves in various forms, from someone who mencitai himself, his wife, his children, his wealth and his God. This form of love inherent in human beings, the potential and frequency change according to circumstances and conditions that affect it. If love someone means that person has grown to contain the wisdom that leads him to truth, virtue and sacrifice.
E. Various kinds of love
1. Love to God
The peak of the most benung human love, and spiritual clarity is his love for Allah and the longing for Him. Not only in prayer, praise and doa'nya but also in all the actions and behavior. A sincere love of a man to love God will make it become the driving force that directs their lives and lowered all other forms of love.
This love will also make it a person who love to fellow human beings, animals, all God's creatures and the whole universe. Because in his view all the beings that exist around it has a manifestation of the Lord who raised krinduan-keriduan spiritual and hope his heart.
2. Love to the apostles
Love to the messengers sent from God as rahamat for the whole universe, to give instructions and cleanse the human heart. Love to the Apostles is the second love after God, because the prophet is the perfect ideal for people both in behavior, moral as well as various other noble nature. Then we shall follow the apostle role model and away from its ban.
3. Love to parents
God ordained love and saying to the child as part of human nature innate. God also instill a great feeling is so strong in sanubaru parents. On this basis that all orders and liabilities diberian God shown to the children so that children treat their parents loving brother "saying and respect. This command is a command to the extremely precious because humans realize that family relationships, feelings of love and respect sayaan parents give deep meaning to the human presence in the world.
4. Love yourself
Love yourself closely related premises urge care of myself. Humans love to stay alive, to develop his potential and actualize themselves. He also loves all things that menatangkan goodness, peace and happiness in him. Al-Quran has explained man's natural love of himself, a tendency to claim everything that is beneficial and useful bagib himself. Among other symptoms that show the love of man against himself is a continuous request for endowed wealth, health and happiness in life in the world.
5. Love of fellow human beings
For humans to live a full premises harmony and harmony with other human beings, should not he not have to restrict her love to herself and egotism. Balancing should also love it with premises of love and saying to others, working premises to provide assistance to others.
In sederhan love can be said as an alloy of sympathy between the two creatures. Sympathy is not only growing among men and women alone but can also among men with men and women with women
F. Affection
Affection can also be interpreted as a feeling of affection, feelings of love or feeling love to someone. Love does not insist on saying the two parties involved, ie someone who devoted affection, love or love and someone who received an outpouring of affection, love and love itself. Experience daily life forces us to acknowledge that somehow our lives would have been able to get the sense when we get attention from others. And the attention it basically is one of the basic elements of love. Attention can only come from parents, siblings, spouse, friend or group. Life will feel more beautiful, happy and memorable if it has been able to understand the different concerns of others.
According to the Indonesian general dictionary WJS Purwodaminto essay, compassion is defined by feelings of affection, feelings of love or feelings of love on someone. In married life affection is the key to happiness. Kaish unfortunately this is a growth of love. In this love consciously or not of each party claimed responsibility, sacrifice, honesty, mutual trust, mutual understanding, open to each other, so both are round and unity intact. If one element of love lost, for example elements of responsibility, then the integrity retaklah household.
G. Mercy
In a letter yohanes explained there are 3 kinds of love. First of agape love is human love to God who calmed the learning activities. Second, love is philia love of father, mother and brother. Third, the love of eros or amor is love between men and women. Love this fellow is given the term "Twelve Pity" because love is not here because cakapnya, rich, beautiful, smart, but because of the suffering.
The act or the nature of mercy are those who have a certain character. Humans have the potential to relent. From the letter of Al-Pen paragraph 4 of the human being merciful to others, because compassion is the act of a virtuous person. While a virtuous person is praised by Allah SWT.
Compassion can lead to creativity, which means people can do, work, create, search, find, and others. Various kinds of ways people give mercy depend on the circumstances. Some give money, goods, clothing, food and so forth.
1. Setting Social Environment

State Islamic University (UIN) Malang is one public university located in Jl. Gajayana No. 50 Dinoyo Malang. UIN Malang also one public university that has a magnificent building with a lecture that a sturdy pillar. Even at the present time all the buildings including office buildings already completed Rectorate making this campus as "The Blue Campus". Equipped with a beautiful garden and ornamental plants that make a diverse campus is more beautiful UIN Malang. It is therefore not megherankan when the new academic year university students who went to the University is growing.
Besides, what makes this different from UIN Malang other is the Ma'had Bilingual / Pondok Pesantren two languages. Ma'had in UIN Malang, not only serves as a dormitory, but further Ma'had / cottage serves as a place to galvanize students toward spiritual development and intellectuality, with the motto "Cadre of Professional Printing Ulama." In these Ma'had / Ma'had Al-Sunan Ampel'Ali developing Arabic and English as the language of daily communication.

On the other hand UIN Malang is the only campus that allow beggars to hang out in the campus environment, therefore, not surprising when we can see the beggars who be spread around campus UIN Malang. In the presence of beggars is actually mahasisiwa menunutut-science student on campus UIN Malang not bothered, although there are some of those who feel disturbed not even happy, but most of them have a high social response to the beggars who are in campus environment. Of the high students' social response is one of the factors that cause the beggars getting higher.
2. Problems That Occurred

Of the more famous UIN Malang, the more stately buildings and the character of the students who have good manners, hospitality and do not like to insult even have a high response to the beggars who are in their own campus environment. Jusrtu provide opportunities for the beggar to come to the campus environment UIN and hung there.

Because the results of the observations which I have done, the beggars who ask around campus UIN earn quite a lot compared to other places, which is about Rp.20000, 00/hari. So from these factors that caused the outbreak of beggars in the campus environment. Which we can see with our own eyes in every corner of the road as we headed south gate adjacent to Jln. Sumbersari. Around that we can see there are many beggars who hung on every corner, less than about 5 up. Some of them have asked him how to ask for standing, sitting, carrying a small child, and some are using a tool such as a walking stick abantuan.
3. Forms of Social Problems

With the growing spread of beggars in the campus environment, in fact, make more and more social problems that arise. As for other forms of problems that include:
1. Many vehicles faculty, staff and students that are difficult and out of the campus due to the number of beggar children running in the middle of the road.
2. Many students who feel disturbed by activities which tend to be slightly forced beggars
3. Many people around who feel uncomfortable due to the presence of beggars who hang out every day.
4. Incidence Causes Social Problems
Based on the results of the interview I have done with a few beggars, I can find some of the factors that cause them to choose their profession become beggars, among these factors are:
1. Economic pressure

Low economic income, as well as inadequate daily necessities and prices of basic commodities increasingly soaring. So that the AAT now people are willing to do anything in order to meet their needs, although the act was actually not very good in the eyes of humans. Similarly, experienced beggars, according to them, they chose to become a beggar by profession solely because of necessity. They do not really want the profession let alone aspire to be a beggar. Because no one wants in his life miserable, poor, and despised in the eyes of others.
2. The narrowness of employment
In this day and age to find a job vacancy is very difficult at all, let alone a junior high school graduates even sarjanapun many graduates are unemployed. This factor also actually experienced by the beggars who are in the campus environment. According to them, living as beggars before they ever tried to find a proper job .. Such as: applying to be domestic servants, street cleaners. But they are not accepted so they chose the last alternative is by profession a beggar. There's one of those who once worked as a housewife, but did not last long, only a few bull only.
3. Low Skill Owned
Ability / skill a person is a factor that urgent to bring someone to the door of success. If a person has skills that high so many people need it. But on the contrary, if low-skill possessed let alone to not find out what skills they have then certainly no one who needed it. So, this skill is needed once in our lives in this world. The low skill possessed is a big problem, because when someone does not have a skill that can bring a better life then the huge problems that will confront.
This factor also causes them to become beggars memlih profession. Because based on their confessions, before they ever try to open a business such as selling cakes, made from bamboo toys. Due to the limitations of their ability to do so as they did not succeed. Although they never menggelutinya, but only a few months.
4. The low level of education adopted

In this day and age certificate is required at all as wasilah in obtaining employment. But that does not mean that a diploma is everything, because in fact many people who have a diploma even to SI diploma but did not get a job. Based on the results of the interview I have done with some beggars who are in the campus environment. According to them, they only completed primary school and some have not graduated.

This factor also causes them to become beggars memlih profession. Because at first they also never tried to apply for jobs to factories, but due to the low level of education that they are following so they are not welcome in these factories are. Although there are some of those who had worked in factories but only a few years.
4. Real Impact of social problems in social life society

From the observation I have done through interviews with some beggar, here I can find some real impacts that occur in public life. The real impact of that happening are as follows:
A. Mockery, scoffing and ridicule
Based on their confession, they had been insulted, ridiculed, and scorned by the society around her home. For some reason they did just that, but according to Mother Mariyanah mengalaminya.mereka ever do anything like that because they were disgusted with the appearance of the subject. So every time she Maryanah go for begging, Mom Maryanah always looking for a place far from their homes to avoid being ridiculed, humiliated, mocked people again.
B. Shunned In Intercourse
According to them, when the people around know the profession does. Day after day they feel the people around them, especially away from close neighbors. So every time they wanted to ask and other people should talk to the people around, as if they were reluctant to menaggapinya. Cases were also experienced by Mrs. Maryanah, according to testimony, Mrs. Maryanah never experienced less than a few months.
C. Expelled from Kontrakan

When I do interviews to some beggar was very open them once, they even issued their grievances related to the real impacts that occur where they live. There is one beggar who had evicted from rented because of late pay the rent, but he thought it was not the main cause of the owner of the rented away. However, due to the fruit of lips that always sounded ditelinganya society. So that the owner rented it to heart to heart away.

A. Discussion
1. UIN Student Response Against Beggar
From the observations I have done with transmit questionnaires to university students who account for 50, I get the data if this would make a reference for me personally to identify how far the student response rate UIN against beggars in the campus environment. In addition to the questionnaire I also conduct interviews directly to some students, both the second semester, sixth semester, semester VI and VIII semester. Then, accompanied by authentic evidence that is based on the recognition of the beggars when I do interviews.
The question I ask is actually similar to the ones that I pass it to some students, it's just that if the inquiry form, while writing in the form of an oral interview. From the observation I have done, whether of the interview and questionnaire, here I can identify that the social responses of students UIN was quite high.
The data that I received, as follows:
1. How do you feel when seeing the beggars around campus?






2. Do you feel disturbed by the presence of beggars on our campus?



Not disturbed


3. Do you always give compensation to beggars?






4. How do you feel when giving compensation to him?


Ordinary aja




5. Do you feel aggrieved by the beggars that we are arriving on campus?




6. Do you think the presence of beggars reduce the beauty of the campus?




As for the names of students who I have interviewed are as follows:



Islamic religious education

Rohmat. H


Sofyan Hadi



Islamic religious education

Tri pendra




Ali Mustafa



Islamic Religious Education

M. Roki'in

Islamic Religious Education







Andrew Setyo

Technical Information

Chairul Anas



Technical Information

Sahibul Wafa

Technical Information


Technical Architect

While data from the results of my interview with some beggars are as follows:
· Pengahasilan USD. 20000.00 / day.
· School their children financed by one student UIN.
· There is some UIN students who frequently visited the house to provide compensation.
2. Influence Campus Presence On The Beggar Pengahasilan
A few weeks ago I was doing the interview directly to a few beggars, one of which is: Mother Maryanah, Mother Sumiarti and others. Then I ask you a few questions related to the title of my observations. As a result I obtain an explanation or data from my interviews with some of the beggars start from beginning to end. The data that I received as follows:
Name of Mother Maryanah, age 40 years, before beginning work as beggars Maryanah mother is a housewife who lives in Sawunggaling I. Beliu once worked as domestic servants, vendors around the cake. Maryanah mother has two boys, their first child named Muhammad Ash'ari, age 13 years. Now living in Pondok ivory with one student UIN and the second child named Muhammad Endra, age 7, is now being "Griya Read". Which was raised by students UIN.
Mother maryanah before have a husband who works as a pedicab driver, but now are divorced. Her husband named Mr. Samuri, aged 45 years. At first their domestic life was fine, but after her husband married again and her husband never gave a living again to their children so the mother Maryanah forced to become beggars by profession. And just doing this profession for 1 ½ years.
While data from other beggars as follows: name of Mother Sumiarti, age 45, before beginning work as beggars Sumiarti mother is a housewife who lives in Coral Ploso road. Mother Sumiarti previously worked as factory workers, because of the layoffs so the mother Sumiarti not have a job anymore. Mother Sumiarti have one daughter, named Hanum, age 21 years. Now live elsewhere, Mother Sumiarti also do not know, but according to Mother Sumiarti he had never visited his house for 6 more years. And with the departure of her only child that made my mother sad Sumiarti
The husband called Pak Sutris Sumiarti Mother, aged 52 years. It was now died from ill. At first husband mother Sumiarti work as construction laborers, but because of prolonged illness so that Pak Sutris unable to work anymore. Finally, the cost of everyday life derived from his wife. Domestic life they were originally fine, but after Mother Sumiarti in layoffs and her husband unable to work again plus the disease takes a lot of money incense. So Mother Sumiarti forced into beggars by profession. This profession Sumiarti Mother did for 2 years.
Then after that I asked him again about how much influence the presence of pengahasilan Mother campus? According to his testimony, they said that the campus is very influential presence at all against pengahasilannya. Because the campus is huge, magnificent and his students have many pengahsilannya it can grow. However, according to them only UIN who has great influence, while others are not so influential campus does not even mean anything.
Because one of them ever hang out at a UK university of another country such as UB, UNMU, ITN, UNMER and others. As a result they do not get anything but an insult even evicted from the campus. This proves that the existence of campus UIN great influence on earnings of beggars.
C. The impact of the spread of Beggars in the Campus Environment
We already know that every cause there must be consequences. From the outbreak of the beggars are there in the campus environment, precisely the effect that arises as a result is very huge. The impact arising from the outbreak of beggars in the campus environment, among others, as follows:
1. Against Private Students
From the results of questionnaire which I distribute to students, there are some psychological problems are personal concerns mahasisiwa due to the outbreak of beggars in the campus environment. On one side there are some students felt disadvantaged by the presence of beggars every day requesting continued. On the other hand there are also some students who feel disturbed by the activities of beggars who tend to be forced, so it is not surprising that there is one student who stayed a helping hand when indifferent.
2. On Campus Beauty

At this present time we already know that the UIN is initially only regular campus, now has turned into a campus that has a very magnificent building with a sturdy pillar. Then decorated with a beautiful garden and planted with various kinds of plants that seem beautify. But the beauty is diminishing due to the spread of beggars in the campus environment.
From the observation results in the form of questionnaire and interview directly to students. All agree that the outbreak of beggars in the campus environment is very influential at all of the beauty of the campus, but there are some who do not agree. Based on their comments, how to dress just beggars tattered, plus sometimes the beggars brought tiker, sack to rest. Therefore, when seen, we feel uncomfortable and reduce the beauty of existence is very beautiful campus which was originally the eyes.
B. Analysis

Here, God willing, I will try to analyze some of my observations duty berudul "Descriptive Analysis of Social Responses Against Student UIN Beggars in Campus Environments." According to my analysis based on the observation that has been made that the social response to the beggar UIN students in the campus environment is high enough, why do I say so. When seen from the chart above, the student who continues to provide compensation when a helping hand stayed around 45%, 55% rarely and are not at all 5%. The above information proves that the Social Response Against Student UIN Beggars in Campus Environments quite high.
Evidence is also strengthened by the recognition that the student UIN beggar higher social response than the other mahasisiwa college. The influence of the presence of pengahasilan beggar campus, according to my analysis, its influence is immense. Because based on the above information, they say with a well-known campus presence, majestic and more precisely pengahsilannya students can grow. and they have influence only on the UIN campus only. Because on other campuses they do not get anything but just insults, taunts, ridicule and even expelled from the campus. From the above information proves that the existence of campus UIN great influence on earnings of beggars.
While the impact of the spread of beggars in the campus environment on student personal and beauty of the campus, according to my analysis, the impact is very big. Since the outbreak of beggars in the campus environment, on one hand makes some students feel disadvantaged by the presence of beggars every day asking constantly. On the other hand there are also some students who feel disturbed by the activities of beggars who tend to force. And more worse with the spread of beggars in the campus environment makes the beauty of the campus on the wane.
C. Solutions
The solution of that if I could be a reference to a beggar who is on the campus environment spread UIN Malang not return or even reduced day by day are as follows:
· Filing an application to the bureaucracy for a beggar who was in the campus environment was employed as a janitor or unplug the grass and so forth.
· Establish an organization to accommodate a container in which to develop the talent that is in a beggar, so that the beggar has the skills for survival.
· Report to the party bureaucracy to follow up the beggars who have hung around the campus so as not to come back with the consequences of living even though they were given guarantees just eat it everyday.
A. Conclusion

From the above explanation we can conclude that, of the more famous UIN Malang, the more stately buildings and the character of the students who have good manners, hospitality and do not like to insult even have a high response to the beggars who are in their own campus environment. Jusrtu this provides opportunities for the beggar to come to the campus environment UIN to beg.

However, even with the presence of beggars, the social responses given by some students is high enough, there are even some students who are willing to sacrifice time, energy and mind just to help the child beggars were to be able to read and write. And if we trace the existence of the campus was very influential UIN once against pengahasilan beggars, because they see themselves based on the observation pengahsilan for begging on the UIN around Rp. 20000.00 / day.

On one side, with the outbreak of beggars in the campus environment, the impact or effect is very big. In particular the influence of private self and the beauty of its campus mahsisiwa UIN. Because in reality there are some students who feel disturbed by activities that tend to force the beggar and the beggar and the dress code was carrying equipment which greatly reduces the beauty of the campus. So every time people see them feel uncomfortable.
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